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Due to circumstances and fate I had to say goodbye to my 2000 323i and say hello to a low milage 2007 328i. A $2500 damaged bumper was considered a write-off which put me in a frantic find-a-new-daily-driver ASAP.

Thanks to RMP for forwarding a lead to a super clean machine (w/less than 60k on the meter) I am now driving a 2007 328i. It's (unfortunately) an AT, which is my first in 24 years I do miss the 'connection' that a MT provides, but I couldn't pass up this deal, t'was too good.

Since it's a DD I won't be slammin' it or doing any cRaZy stuff, but I do want to give it a bit of love... ANY SUGGESTIONS?

2007 e90 328i Monaco Blue
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