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Originally Posted by honeydew View Post
A ding in my door is heartbreaking and will come out of my own pocket. If I park at the back on an angle and it get's vandalized for my auto-consideration, I call the police. Insurance will pay for a paint job. I might even be able to sue. Heaven help the kids if we catch them in the act. No cost to me.

If you see the car beside you hit your car in any way, a door ding or scuff your bumper as they cut the corner, etc.. treat it like an accident. Get their insurance info, plate #, VIN, and drivers licence info. Call your insurance company and report the incident. The damage will be repaired at no cost to you, no deductible, not 1 penny out of your pocket. Even a rental car will be covered while your car is in the shop. Look on your insurance policy for "Direct Compensation Property Damage /DCPD". This kind of claim is what this coverage applies to. Note the "$0 deductible". This coverage is included in the mandatory policy required to be on the road in Ontario.

If you don't see the damage happen but arrive to find a ding or side swipe damage: Call the police, report a hit and run. Then call your insurance company (they will ask for the police report #). You will have to pay your Collision/All Perils* deductible (generally $500 -> $1000) so depending on the severity of the damage you may be under the deductible and out of pocket for the repair, but never more than the deductible. Collision coverage /All Perils coverage is optional, so if you didn't ask for it you may not have it.

With vandalism damage your Comprehensive/All Perils* deductible will apply. Comprehensive is also an optional coverage.

*All Perils is a combination of Collision and Comprehensive coverage with an inclusion of coverage for theft by a member of your household or employee.

Originally Posted by SiR View Post
no cost to you? except your rates going up because of your claims. park like a normal person ..even if in the back.
All the scenarios listed above have no impact on your future premiums.

I know I've gone on a bit of a tangent but people pay too much for insurance to be afraid to use their policy as it was intended, to insulate them from financial loss, especially when there is no consequence in doing so.

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