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As for the fog lights it's a little more technical and you have to be good with a soldering iron. If you look at the diagram above you'll see the fog light relay only works if the headlight switch is set in "on" or "park". If you want to run the fogs with the parking lights only you need to solder a wire from 85 to 30 on K8. After that's done you need to cut off the spade as close to the relay body as possible, this is so you don't power the low beams constantly through pin 85.

It's too bad you cant connect 85 of K8 to 87a of K3 but it appears the connection is hidden inside the PCB of the fuse board. Bonus to doing this is if you don't like it you can just pick up a new fog light relay and go back to the original circuit.

I don't suggest either of these for someone not familiar with electrical. You could fry your headlight switch or I wire could come lose sending full battery current and easily start a fire. Wiring like this has to be executed properly... same with stereo install wiring that I often see is very shady.
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