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BTW there are 3 different headlight wiring throughout the E30 production. This is only for late model e30 that came with sealed beams.

Diagram is hard to read but if you look there is a wire connecting 87a (K3) to 30 (K4). You want to pull that from 87a, cut off the spade and crimp on an eyelet connector, then bolt it on to C100 (underside of the fuse board).

This is about the only way to bypass the unloader circuit, it's fairly easy and doesn't require any aftermarket parts or running wires. You can also now use a standard relay for K3. Only problem is that if you went back to sealed beams the high/low bulbs might burn out because both filaments would be running when you run the high beams.

I'm also installing a US spec headlight switch. This will eliminate the DRL's so my Low beam housing and bulbs last longer. It's essentially the same switch but has an off position for daytime driving. I'm going to wire up my 10watt city lights to the "hot in run" circuit so I have somewhat of a DRL that doesn't draw 110 watts. lol
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