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Oh, I figured you had your hands inside the fuse box before judging by your detailed posts on what wires to change. I would rather do this from inside the box rather then jumper wires running under relays and in the side of fuses.

I've done considerable study of the schematics and I don't see any adverse effects of my proposed wiring. The low beam unloader is actually a safety issue when you change to ellipsoid lights, on a dark road you either can't see distance or you can't see the road directly in front of you. It's fine around town but on the back roads it would be hard to spot a deer or whatever nature throws at you.

The fuse box is already open and I've already been over the wiring on most of the car. Adding stereo/alarm/325 OBC, cleaning power blocks and grounds, took the motor out, took the dash out, removing A/C wires/components, 14 gauge for the electric fan, relocated some things. Not really worried as I don't plan to sell the car and I'm confident in my electrical work.

Gonna give this a shot today and see how it goes.
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