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Originally Posted by Sea Aych View Post
So my gas gauge is wild and unpredictable and today it decided to get even wilder - It's below E but the OBC says i've got about 120km left in it - which should i trust? Is it more like 20km?
Judging by my normal mileage, it seems like it's about 100km short of usual, which is comforting, but i've been doing a lot more city driving lately, which is why i'm unsure...
I fiddled with the cluster and the connections but to no avail
Trust the dummy light (assuming the bulb isn't burnt out lol)

Originally Posted by supernaught View Post
How is the the 3.0L stroker coming?
That idea got shelved. I'm going to screw around with the M10 in the E21. If my 2.8 stroker grenades I'll rebuild it 3.0L.
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