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I had the fuse box apart today and I finally get it.

So what If I just disconnect 87a on the High Beam Relay and connect it to C100 (constant power). That way the Low Beam Relay will be independent of the High Beam Relay. I could add an unloader relay for the fog lights (either on the light or switch side) but I agree it's not that important.

Essentially just a clean way of doing things and it's possible to revert to factory wiring. It would be ideal to run a wire from 85 on the Fog Light Relay to 87a on the High Beam Relay, but I'm not sure It's possible with the existing circuit board trace to 87 on the Low Beam Relay.

Thinking to run my "city lights" from the switched lead on the auxiliary fuse block. I just gotta find the right connector for the fuse block, it's not a standard spade.

What a world...

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