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Originally Posted by Yamahammer View Post
It doesn't have a bad name, please don't bring negativity here.
IK our hobby does not necessarily have a bad name but there are many people out there who have a poor opinion of those of us who "hop up" our road cars and participate in various autosports... if you want to engage in activities like burn outs and drifting then go ahead just do so at "sanctioned" events...

the person in the video was reportedly refused permission to participate in the "sanctioned" burn out area so he drove across a grass median through an occupied parking lot in a semi careless way and then proceeded to do a burn out" in the middle of said parking lot... essentially he was giving a childish middle finger salute to the event organizers...

This kind of activity is not just viewed by enthusiasts but also by the general public they are the ones who get on the phone to their local politicians who then make up more laws and ordinances the further restrict our freedoms.
Many modified cars get hassled by the police already for having "wings", "non-standard" exhaust systems and so on. that is one reason why the "Dark Nights" festival was cancelled a few years ago too many legal participants were being targeted by York/Durham/Metro/OPP.

The point I'm making is there is good PR and bad PR... Good PR having a rally/meet to honour Paul Walker and raising money for his charity, or having a multi marque meet like the German Auto thing in Kitchener [name slips my memeory just now lol], videos of a group on public roads obeying the law and having fun, making the roads more (automotively) beautiful places to be... Bad PR posting videos of street racing, burn outs on city streets etc.

It is a sad comment on society but we are all of us judged by the actions of a few scoflaws... the least of us if you will...
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