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No this fix is only to create a fog light "unloader"... to power the low beam lights with the High beam lights what you would need to do is add a wire with a fuse from the positive 12v block on the firewall with a fuse of the rated size for the low beams [15A or 20A I think not sure off top of my head] and connect it to pin 30 and splice a wire onto the low beam + lead of each low beam lamp connected to pin 87. Splice a wire onto the High beam + lead and connect to pin 86 and the ground to pin 85 as before... this will make the lows come on when ever you turn on the highs...

You are connecting to pin 87 in this case because you only want the secondary low beam feed to energize when the highs are on which will bypass the low beam unloader.
Forgot to mention before make sure you use 14AWG min. wire size either of these mods the circuits will run cooler and the lights will be brighter with less danger of fire from overheated wires.

As always attempt these mods at your own risk folks.

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