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Originally Posted by aviator View Post
On the road you are legally only allowed a max of 4 "headlights" on at any one time... the fog/driving lights would not necessarily be considered "headlights" look at many of the more modern cars that use the lower mounted fog/drive lights as DRLs... you have to make sure all the lights are properly aimed though... if you do get a hassle ever all you need to say is "opps, sorry sir/ma'am forgot they were on" and turn them off right away...
It would only be an issue ever if you failed to turn off the highs for oncoming traffic sometime or the cop wanted to talk to you about other matters as well...
My e30 isn't exactly a "modern car" lol. I see your point and it would be unlikely to get hassled, I rarely continuously run the high beams unless I'm on back roads. All my lights are aimed very well, it annoys me if they are off almost as much as others annoy me with poorly aimed lights.

Originally Posted by aviator View Post
This is fairly easy to do... You need to splice in a 5-pin relay to the fog light circuit... locate the power wire feeding the fog lights and cut it and add enough wire to reach the location you have chosen to mount the relay connect the car side to pin 30 on the relay and the light side to pin 87a. Splice into one of the high beam power wires and connect this wire to pin 86. Connect pin 85 to ground [the vehicle body].
For extra added protection you could add a fuse inline to the pin 86 lead but it's really not necessary since that circuit is already protected by the high beam fuse.

How it works pin 87a is the "normally closed" circuit pin as long as the relay is "off" the current will flow through pins 30/87a and the fog lights will function normally... when you turn on the high beams they will "trigger" the relay through pin 86 and 85 and the circuit will open and the fogs will automatically turn off.

Hope this helps.
I does, I printed this out to cross reference with the guide. In addition I'm installing a Yankee headlight switch so I no longer have the low beams as DRL. Just can afford to replace HID bulbs and the housing if it should melt any more.

I guess my only question now, with above wiring do the low beam lights stay on when I operate the high beams? That's my main goal and fog light flexibility is my secondary goal. My impression is that the added relay is to bypass the low beam unloader circuit.

Thanks a lot by the way!
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