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Originally Posted by Slowered318 View Post
Thank you, that is the easiest solution to maintain low beams when the highs are turned on.

But is there any way to wire it so the fogs turn off when highs are on instead of the low beams turning off. Swap the circuits in some way. Just a thought
This is fairly easy to do... You need to splice in a 5-pin relay to the fog light circuit... locate the power wire feeding the fog lights and cut it and add enough wire to reach the location you have chosen to mount the relay connect the car side to pin 30 on the relay and the light side to pin 87a. Splice into one of the high beam power wires and connect this wire to pin 86. Connect pin 85 to ground [the vehicle body].
For extra added protection you could add a fuse inline to the pin 86 lead but it's really not necessary since that circuit is already protected by the high beam fuse.

How it works pin 87a is the "normally closed" circuit pin as long as the relay is "off" the current will flow through pins 30/87a and the fog lights will function normally... when you turn on the high beams they will "trigger" the relay through pin 86 and 85 and the circuit will open and the fogs will automatically turn off.

Hope this helps.
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