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HELP - 2011 x5 ---- What a POS!

These new BMWs are pieces of shit. Absolutely ridiculous. I owned a 2005 330ci for 6 years without any issues at all. This x5 has spent more time in the shop than on the road!

- engine light goes on for a day or two, randomly clears itself upon start up
- jerks while driving, puts itself in neutral, and dies.
- doesn't start, just turns over
- after multiple start attempts, dies right after I put it in drive
- after letting her sit for 10 mins, starts and drives fine for a couple days

p1030 - Valvetronic motor
p2178 - Idle too rich
p0087 - fuel rail pressure too low

I'm thinking:
- eccentric shaft sensor
- valvetronic motor itself

Any experiences? Anybody resolve this? I'm trying to avoid being bent over by BMW Service and Parts yet again....
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