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There are many ways I could answer. And Im thinking mainly about the M cars here.

I think the e36m is the sexiest/cleanest of the bunch. bar none. (e46m is rounded too much and too ricey imho)
Gotta love the s54 and s65 revving and power
and you have to love the e30m. Original, classic 80's.

I think as a basic 3 series car, they mostly improved themselves over the years in terms of ride and comfort. Though now one could argue they have gone too far with the new one and is gotten a little cheap.

Id think an e9x would make a great daily beater that blends the new comfort with a few tidbits of old still hiding under there. The newer the car, the better it typically rides overall. (not necessarily better overall handling, but they just deal with big bumps better in my experience)
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