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Looking for input on a wagon

Hi guys, now that my E39 540iT is sold I'm looking for a newer wagon to replace it. My primary need is for to/from work transportation plus to the dog park with a 150lb dog. Might have another dog (same size) as well one day, so I have to consider that.
So far I have driven a bunch of E91 328xi Tourings (wasn't in love with the size or the ride) , and looked , but not driven 530XI and 535XI wagons. I've even toyed with the 550i idea.
I even drove a A6 wagon C6 (2008) which I liked the comfy ride quite a bit.
Just wondering if anyone can chime in on the maintenance side of an A6. I may even try an A4 (b7 or b8) wagon this weekend. I've heard the A8's are a nightmare , I don't want to get into that.
I'm not against a E46 wagon, but it would have to be very well maintained for me to jump at it.
Merc wagons are not an option for me, don't like them at all.
I'm not really into the E39s kicking around kijiji for 10-12 k either.
Any and all comments welcome.
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