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To keep the high beams and low beams on at the same time, jump pin number 30 on the high beam relay to pin number 30 on the low beam relay. The pins are numbered on the relay itself.
FYI, I took a look underneath the fuse box to see where terminal #30 on both relays were going. I had planned on splicing them underneath the box for a cleaner approach but the #30 on the high beam is a huge piece of wire. Anyway, I found out that #30 on the low-beam relay goes directly to #87a on the high beam relay. So you actually don't have to bridge relays, you can just connect #30 to #87a on the high beam relay and this will work.

I soldered the terminals together (or rather, laid a thin line of solder between the two on the underside of the high-beam relay). Works like a charm. It also has the added benefit of keeping the fog lights on with the highs as well since the lows never turn off

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