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Pretty sure my car will be written off:(

So last Thursday I was driving home and all of a sudden blowing snow created a complete white out condition. Couldn't see 1 foot in front of me. Slowed down but then a car just appeared through the snow. Not enough time to react so collision was unavoidable. From what I understand the girl was trying to get into her driveway and got stuck. So she was basically 90 degrees to the street and completely blocking the lane. Luckily no one was hurt.
My car was literally a needle in a haystack. 2001 530i with M package, absolute mint condition and only 108000 kms. I also just did a bunch of maintenance on it (cooling system overhaul, ccv, new pads and rotors, new battery, cps, spark plugs, fuel filter, ignition switch, etc). I am so bummed.
I'd love to find another e39 but they are getting more scarce...especially in the condition mine was in. Any sources that I can check aside from autotrader and kijiji? Anyone buy their car from the states? Any good sources to recommend?
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