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Originally Posted by bro2boss007 View Post
@Distinct and @damameke - Could you guys please tell me if we're still talking BMWs???? :O I'm sorry I'm calling you guys out on this but $7000 and $8000 and we're in the BMW discussion form????

Windwagen, thanks for a more realistic comment, I greatly appreciate it! I will look into leasing options too, although I'm not sure if I can get a lease on a 2008-2009. But there are a lot more numbers that I will be working on before jumping into anything..haha
Hey, u were asking for our thought, I don't really care if u want to pay almost
$900 per month to drive a BMW, with leasing the monthly payment might be
less but towards the end,u don't own the car.

If you can afford a $30 to $35k car n willing to pay $835 per month go ahead

buy it

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