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Originally Posted by bro2boss007 View Post
I was researching the interest rates with TD and they told me that if I bought a 2008, the interest rate would be 11.5 and on the other hand, the 2009 would only be 6.5. The monthly payment, if I paid nothing down comes up to $834 for the 2009. I have decided that I am going to save up and put some decent chunk of money down. Considering that I'm just starting to save, that might take me 6 months to get to like $8000 or may be a little over that. Let's see. How would you guys go about this?
Suze Orman will say you do not qualify..

$834 per month with no money down is a big sum to pay for a car and you are paying for at least 5 years?

Save your money and keep driving your Accord; that don't cost you a arm and a leg and you have not factor in maintenance cost and insurance ...
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