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Originally Posted by Roysneon View Post
I think he was referring to braking without getting it to kick in on snowy/icy roads.
Really though... it's a bit of a subjective topic. Mostly to do with what tires you have, conditions, etc etc. IMO, you cannot beat ABS (even though it's not that advanced of a system on our E30s) so why try to trick the beast? It's there to help.

Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
He's trolling.... half of the E30s on the road don't have working ABS lol
Haha. Truth!

Originally Posted by frankie591 View Post
On a side note, since I am pretty much internet-illiterate, does anybody have a link to a how-to on how to embed pics in a post? I have traditionally used the attachment feature in the post creation screen but it wasn't working for me lately.

There's some way I can upload pics to photobucket or something like that and just drop them into my posts?
Use IMG tags like this:

[IMG]paste your URL here[/IMG]

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