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I've spent a lot of time searching for decent insurance. Including blind copying over 80 insurance brokers in my area. I highly suggest doing this as it is how I found my current broker.

Unfortunately most insurance companies have no interest in insuring anything over 15 years old. For any older car I have found that I will pay $120-$150 per month, regardless of what it is, for regular insurance. I'm 25 with a clean record, a homeowner and married (common law, which is not recognized by some companies). It is truly disgusting the amount of money paid out for insurance coverage in this province. Not to mention it makes no sense what so ever.

Nissan 240SX? $150 per month

240SX, Miata and E30? $120 per month

Put aftermarket struts in your car? You'll need to be on high risk facility insurance now. $500 per month

Originally Posted by partner103 View Post
I need your broker man.
Got a clean record (mid 30s) and my car is unmolested, unmodified.

Want to get that insurance lower if I can.
If you have another daily driver that has regular liability insurance on it then you absolutely should look into this "classic" insurance. I put it in quotes because I do not have a tonne of info on it. Just what I've been quoted for my cars. I'll PM you my brokers contact info. He should be able to fill you in.
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