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Originally Posted by windwagen View Post
Actually, the "i" is a leftover from many years ago when fuel Injection wasn't common. Now, it's redundant.

To help you choose....What's your lifestyle? Do you have kids? Are they big or small? How many? Do you need lots of room? Are you considering taking the car to a race track? Do you want crazy power or are you happy with adequate?

Prioritize the following for yourself...

Straight Line Performance
Confortable Ride
I'm not married, I don't have kids. I don't care about the room really, but bigger cars appeal to me more than the smaller ones. I drive a full-size honda accord Sedan. I'm looking to get something for weekend driving really. Yes, power and the way the car sounds with custom exhausts is important to me, but I'm not looking to go all out to the racetrack lol.
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