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Greetings! In advance thanks for any wisdom on this: My '97 528i intermittently overheats: peg goes from dead center to the start of red zone, then on its own goes back to dead center -except when it goes all the way into red (and I shut engine off!) I don't know if related, but at about the same time I lost cabin heat (a problem when you live in Northern Vermont), which comes back unpredictably. Last year I replaced water pump (with metal impeller) and radiator. Coolant is there and at right level (no leaks). I've read some threads on this but there's some conflicting info. Again thanks for any help!
Most likely it is air in the cooling system, the E39 6cyl's are notorious for getting the air out and special tricks/processes needs to be followed.

If you or the mechanic that did the work did not know this then you have air in your system guaranteed, I did the cooling system overhaul myself years ago and thought I knew what to do but drove for several years having your same symptoms untill finally I red bled the system and managed to add almost two liters in the system and never had any on line for the correct procedure or ask me ......good luck

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