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-Rad support removable, bumper modified to remove in a few minutes. mishimoto x-line rad mounted inside the rad support, custom aluminum fan shroud with SPAL puller fan. I had to mount the rad within the rad support so that I'd have room for the fan and shroud between the rad and my motor.
-MS3/MS3x built and bench tested, custom spark box with 6 ignition drivers to run my m52 full sequential. Spare wiring harness modified to be plug and play with the ms3.
-Custom blade-style sway bars fabricated, mounts reinforced. Custom reinforcement for front subframe motor mounts done and subframe and sqay bars powdercoated.
-Oil cooler mount fabricated to mount generic B&M cooler in front of the drivers side front wheel. Still need to buy oil cooler conversion cap and plumb the -an lines to the cooler.
-Rear subframe soft/hard/soft brake line setup replaced with some long stainless braided lines that go directly from the rear brake tee to each caliper. Replaced diff bushing with custom machined aluminum piece, rear subframe bushings stiffened.
-New oil pump in the mail, VAC oil pan baffle welded into my pan, turbo drain bung added for the future.
-Still waiting on spec stage 3 clutch to arrive, when it does my zf trans can go on and the motor can be installed again. Various gaskets and seals also redone on the motor.
-Cleaned up vacuum system on the m52 by deleteing charcoal canister, rerouting ICV so it doesn't live under the intake manifold, deleted crank case vent will install catch can instead. Throttle body coolant circuit deleted also.
-ABS block removed and massive brake booster delete installed. Redid brake lines with a non-abs master cylinder so the lines go directly from the master to the calipers. Braided stainless lines everywhere there was rubber.

Basically I have a shit load of little projects half finished, and am starting to lack motivation. The weather outside getting better should help out with that through. Still unsure if I will have the car running on MS3 in time for the start of the season, but I still have the harness and bosch ecu so it should be easy to revert back to that if I cant get the MS3 done in time.
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