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Originally Posted by Yamahammer View Post
Okay yeah. Just an FYI some track inspects may not allow you with that setup. I know your way of mounting to the seat bracket seems tough, but the idea is you don't want the harness attached to the seat. When the seat tears out of the car you want the harness still holding it all down so you don't just eject the car strapped to the seat. But it is what it is. I have yet to have any tech even look at my safety gear at the track
Yeah, I get that. There were other reasons for me to go the route I did like not having to figure out a way to get rid of the rear heating duct. But my thought was the same kind of places that aren't going to allow me to run because of the way I've setup my sub strap aren't going to let me run because I don't have an FIA approved seat or use a harness bar instead of a roll bar or full cage (because it just wasn't in the budget this year) to anchor my shoulder straps or don't have the same amount of safety gear on the passenger side of the car as I do on the drivers side.

I know what I've done isn't 'right' and if push comes to shove at an event, I'll just swap the passenger seat to the driver side and throw the OEM seatbelt back in. It's only like a 15 minute job. Or just go back to the drawing board and drill some holes and finish gutting the car.
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