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E46 rear end stability/rebound help

Hi guys,

Im trying to figure out why the rear end of my 01 330ci does not seem planted, I will try explain it as best as I can as I dont know the right terms.

Previously when I went over a bump at speed it felt like the rear end did not absorb much of the force and after the compression, it felt like it was all over the place. So I checked the rear shocks, and the rear right was blown. So I replaced both shocks.

This made the compression/absorption much better but it was still all over the place after the bump. I checked the RTAB as per the forums, and sure enough they were both in bad shape. After I replaced both of them it feels much much better, however I still feel like after a bump, the tire does not make contact back to the road quick enough or so. Almost feels like its skipping or just not pushing the tire back on to the road fast/hard enough.

I hope that makes sense. Could this be because of the rear springs? What are the symptoms of bad springs? IF not, what else could it be?
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