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Originally Posted by damonchoy View Post
When I installed the Carbonio intake from Randy in my '99 E36 328iC (M52) it was a LOT louder than the stock airbox.

When I installed another Carbonio intake from him in my '04 E46 330ci (M54) it was only a bit louder than the stock airbox, with the biggest difference and really only very noticable being above 5,800rpm.

I guess it depends on the engine, really. That and I could hear a lot more noise with a convertible with the top down than the much more refined E46 with an actual roof, haha.
Originally Posted by vic325ci View Post
When I installed it in my E46 325Ci, I followed all the steps in the manual (let it sit for ~10 min) to get the computer to adjust to the increased air flow. After that it sounded amazing and made a sweet whooshing sound when you hit the gas.
I understand, but they are both E36's granted that one motor is the M50TUB20 (mine which sounds amazing) and the other is a M52B28 (my brother's with no difference in sound at all) it just doesn't make sense to me that one sounds so great while the other one is the exact same as mine but sounds exactly the same as it did with the stock airbox on my brother's. My only guess is that maybe the Intake tube isn't deep into air filter enough or that the flap in the throttle body isn't opening enough when accelerating.

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