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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
We just had in a e39 M5 and in 3 years he has spent $10k in repairs and maint.

Is it because it is an M5, maybe but certain issues must be addressed, carbon build up is a $XXXX repair, bmw offers a quick cleaning of the port and new lines for $1800 but head removal is a must to do the job properly. Get enough km's on your M5 and you will spend real money.

Most V8 bmw's e39/e60 645's 545 540 550 etc have oil leaks and carbon build up, $5 gasket replacements cost $XXXX, carbon cleaning $XXXX. Price of ownership. As far as the "newer" 5's e60 for example, auto tranny issues like crazy, replace the mechatronics is a normal repair, again thousands.

A good bmw in terms of good design and lower repair costs, is the I6, period.
Hello all,
this is my 1st post here I think.... but on the carbon built up it is my belief (correct me if I am wrong pls) that with a lot of the v8's they are run too much at low RPM these cars are designed for the autobahns unfortunately here in NA they are all running NOT in that environment, my current 545 I have not driven for just over 1 year and all my BMW's have been 6's before that and having read alot about the carbon built up especially with the M5s, would suggest to all the V8's out there to say screw the gasmileage and step on it a bit more.
When I got this car she sputtered like crazy at idle and the SM at my local dealer who had serviced the car for 9 yrs with the PO suggested to drive the "snot" out of for a bit and see what more sputtering......LOL
drove it at 100km in 3rd gear at 4000rpm for over half an hour and it cleared up the cobwebs nicely......
These cars need to be driven aggressively IMHO....

2004 545i, adaptive xenons, adaptive steering, 74Kkms
1998 E39 528i 5spd man. with 340Kkms..when sold and still going
1986 E30 Msport with over 300Kkms sold
1998 328i in Munich for 3 yrs..sold.
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