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Originally Posted by jrsmitchell View Post
It's true, there are alot of quality LHD BMWs that get auctioned in Japan. My Alpina came from there. I don't recall if they got the "Euro" E36 M3 though.

You should think through insurance before you get too far...
Yes, Japan got full "Euro" spec cars. North America was the only market that didn't. I was looking for a specific set of options, so I didn't ever get one directly from a JDM auction, but the cars do sell at the auctions that all of the JDM importers use.

I would suggest you find a dealer or importer that you get comfortable with. I can make a recommendation, if you want to PM me.

Figure on $11-14K landed for a 3L car and about $13-16K for a 3.2L one.
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