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car has full warranty , and it has always been service at bmw.

Im not sure if I m that lucky but we bought my wifes enclave for 17 000 when everyone else was asking 23 000. Its been 2 years and the car has been perfect
As a matter of fact the mazda 3 I just sold was purchased for 11 000 when the dealer was asking for 17 000 and aside from minor repairs the first year ( around 800$) the car was solid for the next 4 years we owned it. And I was still able to sale it for 6000

I was also able to find honda civic for 3000 below average asking price and the car is still running with over 320 000 kms ( purchased the car with 140 000) and I havent actually spend money aside from oil changes in the past 2 years. The only thing that has been fixed on that car was the alternator , a bolt joint and battery and it is still on original clutch

The only bad deal I got so far was in my first car , a german car unfortunately , a 1995 jetta. I overpaid for it and I probably spent more than what I paid in repairs , to make matters worst I only got 500 bucks for that, but the car was nice when working . Thats the main reason why I lost hope for german cars, but I hope the BMW brings back my love for german cars

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