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Originally Posted by Slowered318 View Post
That's true e30tOny, thanks to the M42 I haven't received a single speeding ticket. LOL

Kamil, I would wait until after the motor swap to install those 16" or 17" wheels, you will notice a reduction in overall performance. As for turbo M42 I would check out the write-ups on, I have to admit I'm very tempted.

I wouldn't suggest a colour change or sanding down the corrosion protection unless you have extensive chips, dents, fading and scratches.
Wheels and all aesthetics are all getting done before I pull the car out of storage in april regardless so wheels will be a must. And if I change the colour its getting fully stripped down and painted everywhere, and if I decide to stay alpine white it will still be getting completely repainted to get rid of all the imperfections..what u think of the stripe idea I posted above?
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