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I love the e46 M3. But I can't help but get the feeling that they're overpriced for what they are, especially compared to cars of the similar era. For example, though not a driver's car, an SL500 sells for cheaper in Ontario than a similar year / kms M3 would. Let's face it, the SL comes with a mountain of tech and is a hardtop convertible, better justifying the 20-35k price tag.
Supply and demand. Not to mention that the E46 M3 is a badass, sought-after car.

Perhaps one of you ladies or gents could explain to me why the e46 is so astronomically priced for a car reaching approximately a decade old and has 120000+ kms. From my search, I've regularly noticed people asking over $20000 for cars with over 120000kms. With taxes etc, paying 1/4 of a hundred grand for a 10 year old car with that many kms seems crazy right?
Some are definitely overpriced, but about $20k for an early 2000s car, with about 100k kms is a starting point to judge the pricing of other cars. Add / subtract 10cents / km, and add a bit for newer cars, and you'll get a good idea.

Another big part of the pricing is the reliability of the car. Do some forum searching for high mileage M3s, and you'll see some well into the 200k kms range-- including mine-- with solid feedback from the owners.

Before you say that I need to drive one to understand... I have driven many before, but can't appreciate them enough (especially the SMG versions) to justify paying what people ask because they're becoming very dated with the new M due out early 2014.
The E46 M3 is the one featuring BMW's claim-to-fame last proper inline 6, naturally-aspirated, motorsports engine. Look how many "Engine of the Year" awards it won (I believe all the eligible years, if my memory is correct). It's a drivers' car, that is practical, but definitely still a little rough for the average motorist. In my, and many others' opinions, they simply nailed it with the rawness and useability of the car. It's basically a 911 of the same era, with back seats and a trunk.

The E9x M3 is much more refined, while the F8x M3/4 will be a turbo car which will likely be at least as refined as the E92, if not more. Always remember that performance #s don't always equal fun.

It really depends on what you want-- a sports car, or an easy-driving, sporty-(looking) car.

At current seller's evaluations of their vehicles (and don't get touchy M3 owners), would you be better off buying something newer like a 328i/335i or even an Infiniti G37s 6MT for the same money?
Again, it depends on what you want. The example cars may be somewhat competitive by performance #s and their related tests, but dynamically not even close.

What do you think and why? Are e46 M3s selling at an inflated value? Is there such a cult following for these cars that prices are kept high? Or am I way off the map here?
Cult following is definitely a part of it, but it's a great car, that now in retrospect, many are saying the best M3 made, and one of the best cars.

Personally, I'm probably going to buy an e90 or e92 M3 with low kms unless you can convince me otherwise
I'll be happy to sell you my E92 M3! Drop me a line, and any other questions, if you like.
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