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Originally Posted by jrsmitchell View Post
There are so many "JDM" brokers that a lot of the imported German cars actually come through Japan. I've always wondered why there aren't more German brokers. Fun business opportunity for someone...
germany is pretty strict on upkeep of cars but iirc there really are no restrictions on mileage/age like there is in japan. thats why japanese brokers do so well. Because they can bring in relatively newish(15 yrs old) cars with hardly any mileage on it due to japanese laws/taxes. There are so many to choose from.

get a jdm import(they are still lhd) from out west. easiest (and likely cheapest) way to get a euro powered e36m3... there are plenty around

or just buy a us spec and do an s54 swap since parts are cheaper and easier to source for the s54.

back when i bought it wasnt worth the premium though...and arguably may still not be. but if you have to have it. ..then that wont matter.

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