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Originally Posted by SiR View Post
comfy as a lexus?

its a performance coupe...why would it be as comfy as a lexus? not even an e9x m3 is as comfy as a lexus because thats not what its supposed to do. You cant have both worlds even with fancy dampers that can be adjusted on the fly. A performance car will always be "less comfy" compared to a numb couch on wheels.
I understand Lexus wasn't a fair comparison and all I was trying to say is that the ride of my E46 M3 isn't as comfortable as I would like it to be. I came from the Mk5 GTI so I'm used to that all aorund package, speed, ride quality, and practicality.

I hate bumpy road when I'm in the M and I hate the traffic when I'm in the M. But in the open road as I guess most other M drivers would agree, the car will return the favor.
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