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Originally Posted by LoveMy///M View Post
Thanks everyone for all the advice. I've stored the car now based on everything that was discussed.

I've been doing some reading and I have a concern.
Apparently the batteries on these cars aren't suppose to stay disconnected for a long period of time ? I was told I would have to go to a dealer in order to "re-register" my components in my car ?

Not sure if there is any truth to this. I'm sure i'll have to re-calibrate the one touch on my windows and some settings that would be reset on the radio and whatnot. (clock, date, etc)
I was told the dealer would have to set the max charge on the battery and has to do other stuff that I wouldn't be able too.
(I thought only the 2006+ 3 series needed battery registration) - Mines an 04.

any truth to this ?

Use a battery tender, so you don't have to disconnect the battery
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