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Also, the M vehicle depreciation in performance, driveability, and desirability is not as steep as other non-M or other performance coupe/sedan. Hence the stronger than usual re-sale value.

Take any vehicle sold 10 years ago that was priced equivalent or cheaper than the M and compare it with say a E46 M3 with around 100,000 on the clock. Mine is approaching that mark and I have to there is isn't much big ticket maintenance. Performance wise I can out accelerate quite a few cars even the newer performance vehicle.

Yes, the car does not feel like a new car. It rattles a bit and the ride isn't as comfy as a Lexus and if I'm being honest, I don't enjoy driving the car 100% of the time. For the amount of money I paid for it, I could have bought a more than decent all year round car. But I think this over priced used M3 worth every single penny.
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