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Welcome to the free market. No amount of complaining will change it. Sellers charge what the market will bare. If it wasn't worth 20 grand to many other people, the prices would fall. But they're not, so what does that tell you? The same way that the Mercs and Jags plummet in value - the market doesn't want old Mercs and Jags. Not fanboi kids who say OMG DUDE YOU SHOULD CHARGE MORE. But real buyers who look into what's involved in owning that car, set the price, not opinions on the sidelines.

Bottom line is, if you don't want to pay the market value, then it's not the car for you. You can try to find a more neglected, collision repaired car and save money but again, the market will dictate what it's worth. I mean, what is your plan - to get a bunch of posts agreeing with you, and take it to a seller and say, SEE, all these people on say that your car is overpriced, now sell it to me for half that!
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