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Are e46 M3s too expensive for what they are? Discussion time.

Hello all, first time poster (be nice) and long time e46M searcher. I tried searching the forums for a similar topic to get some help with this. If there is a thread on this already, please direct me there, I'd appreciate it .

I love the e46 M3. But I can't help but get the feeling that they're overpriced for what they are, especially compared to cars of the similar era. For example, though not a driver's car, an SL500 sells for cheaper in Ontario than a similar year / kms M3 would. Let's face it, the SL comes with a mountain of tech and is a hardtop convertible, better justifying the 20-35k price tag.

Perhaps one of you ladies or gents could explain to me why the e46 is so astronomically priced for a car reaching approximately a decade old and has 120000+ kms. From my search, I've regularly noticed people asking over $20000 for cars with over 120000kms. With taxes etc, paying 1/4 of a hundred grand for a 10 year old car with that many kms seems crazy right?

Before you say that I need to drive one to understand... I have driven many before, but can't appreciate them enough (especially the SMG versions) to justify paying what people ask because they're becoming very dated with the new M due out early 2014.

At current seller's evaluations of their vehicles (and don't get touchy M3 owners), would you be better off buying something newer like a 328i/335i or even an Infiniti G37s 6MT for the same money?

What do you think and why? Are e46 M3s selling at an inflated value? Is there such a cult following for these cars that prices are kept high? Or am I way off the map here?

Personally, I'm probably going to buy an e90 or e92 M3 with low kms unless you can convince me otherwise
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