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Yes I agree, people that live in my area are less inclined to get gangster on someone if they were to catch them in the act.. they would probably yell for the maid to call 911. Lol. Unfortunatley there are alot of break and enters where all that is stolen is car keys and then the cars are taken. Happened to a few people I know.
I don't have a garage at home but we have two spots out back which is uncovered. But even in neigborhoods with garages I've heard of things being taken. One guy who lives a few streets down and has an M5 had his rims/tires taken around the same time I did only to find out that some shop in Markham was selling them on Kijiji. Its ridiculous.
Its usually the un-stock tires around here that are targeted. I think there is a group that operates looking for opportunities.
Fortunately I work at a private club in the daytime and have covered parking with security. I stopped parking at yorkdale years ago after some asshole scraped the side of my car in the parking lot.
Nothing is safe! lol.
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