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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
I would NEVER buy a car from someone like this;
A: He is talking out of his a$$, misrepresenting the car.
B: He has NO clue about cars, and I would seriously question any maintenance.

IMO walk away from this one!
Agreed regarding A and B but walking away from it is still up to you. As others mentioned, the ZHP is a performance upgrade for the 330i. I can't recall all items in the ZHP upgrade but new cams are one, a software reflash (for increased speed limiter) is another, lighter flywheel, etc. The 3.0 liter engine in the 330i is not the 2.5 liter in the 325i so you can't cram every part from the 3.0 into the 2.5. I think the guy is confused between the ZSP and ZHP (SPort vs. High Performance).

The 330i ZHP sedan was sometimes referred to as the e46 M sedan by enthusiasts (not BMW). It's not exactly an M but ZHP owners swear it not that far off.
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