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Originally Posted by EMPOWERD View Post
Wes does a fantastic job too, but good luck booking an appointment there. His business has grown WAY faster than what he can handle.
This was not my experience with Wes recently. Perhaps things have changed or I got to him at the tail-end of the season?

I have just had Wes Opti-Coat my F31 Touring and complete a paint correction and opti-coat of my new-to-me E39 M5 in the last 3 weeks. Booked the F31 after a week or two of emails / texts and the the M5 within a day of getting in touch with him.

Great guy, excellent work and reasonably priced.

I believe a write-up of the paint correction and opti-coat on my E39 M5 is in the works and Wes will post it up.
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