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That's me everywhere. Supra gets parked that way as does the M3. "We" have to walk half a mile to any destination and I will tell you why. If you live in the GTA of Southern Ontario our insurance rates are higher than anywhere else because the majority of people don't give two S#!Ts about their vehicles nor do they care about yours.

A ding in my door is heartbreaking and will come out of my own pocket. If I park at the back on an angle and it get's vandalized for my auto-consideration, I call the police. Insurance will pay for a paint job. I might even be able to sue. Heaven help the kids if we catch them in the act. No cost to me.

What is most surprising is how much it bothers you how some guy took up 2 lousy back-40 spots in a parkade of thousands.

Sorry kids, deal with it.
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