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Suspension problem has stumped me

Hi guys. I've got a bad issue going on with my suspension that I can't figure out. Biggest symptom is that when I hit bumps the back seems to shift around laterally before it settles. It feels random in it's movements. At highway speed it's very disconcerting.

I took it to a shop for diagnosis and they said trailing arm bushings - which were indeed shot on both sides. We replaced those (leading bushing) as well as one of the lower bushings that looked like it was deteriorating but was intact. Everything else down there looked really good and the replacement process was smooth.

Buttoning it back up, camber was off, so I took it in for an alignment. Best they could do fully adjusted is 1.5 degrees positive when it calls for 1.4-1.8 degrees negative. The unsettled behavior is still there but the terrible knocking (trailing arm against it's mount where the bushing had let go) is gone. The rear wheels spin/hop any time I put power down in a corner and generally handles poorly.

All bushings I can see (trailing arm, upper control arm, lower control arm, sway bar) all look great. It feels a little bouncy at the rear especially loaded so I suspect my shocks are worn but I can't conceive of that causing all this.

Anybody with more experience than me got some thoughts to share? I'm really stumped as to what to do next.

BTW this is a bone-stock 1999 E46 323i non-sport.

Thanks in advance
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