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Originally Posted by windwagen View Post
Hey - Only one way to find out! However, if you really want to compare the "Cars", I'll find a better driver for the M5

I wouldn't mind one more track day - Cayuga is shutting down after next week.... interested?

It's an 02 E39

About the ride height - since it's Xdrive, wouldn't that make it slightly taller?
I like silver wheels the most - but that's just me.

Cross spokes like yours or style 5 have always been the sexiest wheels IMO. I guess that's because I grew up in the 70s and 80s

My ex 540 had style 5 and I thought it was looked super sharp! When I see slammed 3 series with these things, I find it hard not to take a second look.

I work from home so let me know next time you're over this way! I'm just south of 407/9th line
Sounds like a great ride.... tracking? not yet.... possibly in the spring... I've just had it less than 2 weeks.,... really haven't pushed it too hard yet to "figure it out". I will also need a front strut before tracking. I need more driving time before I'd track it..

I also work from home in Brampton, but my mechanic's shop is located at Woodbine and Denison.... That's where I go to do my work on it. I was there last night; he works there till like 2am. Great mechanic if you need one... I see guys coming in a 9 and 10 pm for brake jobs, etc.... I grab a spot and do the work I need to do; he helps/provided insight where required.... PM me with your number.... Also, my girlfriend lives in Pickering, so I take the 407 to Brock normally, so that could work as well.

I'm not intending or expecting to be the fastest car on the road... It is quick and would probably beat most cars, but that's not the goal.... I just wanted to give it a little more life and punch.....We will get out on the track, but not till the spring... for now I'm getting used to it's characteristics.

Actually the Xi ride height is the same as a non-Xi to my understanding, but additional lowering would require a complete suspension replacement to do it properly, but I will wait till the springs or shocks need replacing before I likely tackle the suspension... It's pretty tight as it is now.. Happy with the ride height.... I used to track my previous e46 before Toyo Tires and MMats sponsored me which lead to the installation of the subs and amps and made it back heavy... and added about 80lbs to the rear. That ended its track days.

I like the black wheels and this is the first set I've run with polished lips... Weather and time permitting, I will paint the calipers red this weekend. That's about the extent of the planned exterior mods...
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