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Originally Posted by nachos23 View Post
Not sure it would beat it in a drag, but I suspect I'd beat it on a track. ......

We should hook up... I'm in Markham regularly...
Hey - Only one way to find out! However, if you really want to compare the "Cars", I'll find a better driver for the M5

I wouldn't mind one more track day - Cayuga is shutting down after next week.... interested?

It's an 02 E39

About the ride height - since it's Xdrive, wouldn't that make it slightly taller?
I like silver wheels the most - but that's just me.

Cross spokes like yours or style 5 have always been the sexiest wheels IMO. I guess that's because I grew up in the 70s and 80s

My ex 540 had style 5 and I thought it was looked super sharp! When I see slammed 3 series with these things, I find it hard not to take a second look.

I work from home so let me know next time you're over this way! I'm just south of 407/9th line
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