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Not sure it would beat it in a drag, but I suspect I'd beat it on a track. Also would depend what yr. My brother has a new M5 in London, UK and we've been the autobahn with it and it's quick' especially in Sports mode.....

Too heavy and rear wheel drive means it would have to begin slowing down sooner than mine and with the all wheel drive I could pull through the corner quicker, brake later and apply power sooner....

I should be close to 400hp at the crank and around 370 @ the wheels. I'd love to dyno; never found a 4-wheel dyno..... I used to have a heavily modded e46 330Xi previously which I used to track...... never could get a dyno on it, but it could keep up with an M3 in the straight and take then in the corners easily...

If I add catless downpipes, I can add an additional 50Hp......

We should hook up... I'm in Markham regularly...
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