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Cool Dyno Day in Ajax Ontario! October 20th! Come on out and see how you're car stacks up!

Hello MaxBimmer!

We’re a tuning shop out in Ajax and we’re going to put on a dyno day on Sunday October 20th. We have a Mustang MD1100 dyno, capable of reading 2500WHP, with a maximum speed of 225MPH. Come out and see what kind of numbers you’ve really got!

3 Pulls with AFR and boost curve is only $80, with a printout of your highest run. If we get more than 10 cars out, the cost is down to $70. If we get 20 cars, it’ll be $60 for 3 pulls. A prize will be given out to the car with the highest numbers of the day. We may also give out a prize for the lowest number as well, depending on how off spec your car is.

The day will start bright and early at 9am and runs until whenever the last car is done. Priority will be given to those who pre-register, after that we will operate on a first come, first served basis. So make sure you show up early if you want to get your car on the dyno! If you’re looking for a specific time give us a call/PM/email.

Drinks and food will be available! Even if you’re not running your car, feel free to come and check out the shop. See you all on the 20th!

Phil, Brett and Chris
Street Rate Parts
717 Finley Avenue, Unit 5 & 6
Ajax Ontario, L1S 3T1
289-799-9500 - Main
289-799-9501 - Fax

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