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Originally Posted by subarooo View Post
It can't be a seized caliper. I've had all of the calipers apart and they are all working perfectly. I also just replaced the rear passenger and flex line because I thought it was sticking. But still, after a couple minutes of driving I hit the brakes and it starts to lock. And then out of no where there locked tight. But, if I release the pressure from the bleeders the car moves fine until I hit the brakes again and so on. I built a pretty hefty heat shield around the master today thinking it was getting too hot and internals were expanding. But that didn't help. I did try cracking the rear line at the master at one point but no fluid seamed to come out and the pressure wasn't released. Under closer inspection all 4 wheels are locking tight.

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Make sure you pedal is returning all the way up, did you drill
The extra hole and reuse the return spring when you did the delete kit? Could be a bad master cyl, or the rod from the pedal to the master was not right.
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