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Originally Posted by BMXWill View Post
I'd like to know if texting related accidents are up since the law was passed. Everyone now just holds their phone low and looks down to "not be seen texting" (not fooling anyone) rather than up high in plain site where they can still see ahead.

I certainly don't feel the roads are any safer since they instated this law. It didn't correct the problem of no one in the GTA knowing how to drive or what lane to drive in.
That would be an interesting fact to know... I'm sure they are tracking stats on it now, if they were doing it pre-distracted driving law as a separate stat from plain cell use idk...

If the roads are any safer or not idk that either but as an anecdotal observation, as someone who drives for a living I've noticed less people driving with a phone held to their ear with one hand... those that are still doing it actually stand out now.

As for the poor driving skills/habits of the average GTA driver I'm not sure what can be done about that other than better training for the rookies and perhaps a concerted province wide psa campaign to teach/remind drivers of the proper way to drive. With more and more drivers getting on the road every year we all need to make the effort to make better use of the limited road space we have.

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