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Finally my car is almost complete!

Effay you are on point with that comment, it does look amazing check it out

This summer I was way to busy with work and trying to hold things together at home, so I never got a chance to actually put this bad boy on the road. But I guess its a good thing, now I have time to install my CCV, install my clutch and get some well deserved body work done.

Still want to lower the rear end a tiny bit more but its perfect for now. And for those who want to know about my coilovers and how they are still. I do drive it to stretch its legs around the block with dealer plates, and no noise on turns or bumps, only thing I think I will need to get is adjustable end links because I feel as if the ones that came in the kit will turn out to be no good later on but until then

A wise mechanic once told me, "working on cars is like sex, you have to know where to touch and how to push."

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