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I went to Check it this morning. More info:
It is 120 000 miles and not kms
The car runs very smoothly and has a brand new exhaust system
Oil leaks under the engine
Paint is original needs intense buffing and polishing. Somes scratches seems deep particularly on the trunk
Electric sunroof works well as well as A/C
The interior is grey leather in very good condition i'd say
I did not drive it but someone before me said that it is Still tight and handles very well
Rocker panels are solid. No rust at all Around the fenders
Seller said it does not leak gas
Lsd differential
Dash has started cracking slightly( about three one inch cracks not very apparent)
Front "jackpoints" are now 2"x2" holes which is mainly why im not buying. I fixed mine last winter and dont want to do it again.
My overall impression : Nice car if u dont mind fixing the floor
Please go see the car for yourself before trying to negotiate.

Just saw the post above. Mind developing on it is not running right? Also for the oil leaks, they all do until u pût new seals they are 25 years old .... Doesnt mater if the car has 0 km or 500k km. JDM ppl can tell u a lot about their RHD.... They leak fromage everywhere
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